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Kanawha County Landfill to Accept Electronics


‚ÄčE-Waste To Be Permitted In Kanawha County Landfill
Do you have an old television set taking up much needed space? Are you looking for an opportunity to dispose of it? As of July 1st, West Virginia residents will be permitted to dispose of electronics in a landfill, or alternatively with their local waste haulers. The Kanawha County landfill is located at 741 South Park Road, in Kanawha City.

Due to a recent legislative decision, West Virginia has overturned the ban on electronic waste dumping in landfills. What this means for West Virginians is that they may now discard electronics in landfills without repercussion. As with anything else, this decision raises both benefits and dilemmas.

Positive: Residents will not have to worry about their old TV sets taking up space, or even the costs associated with properly discarding larger sets.

Negative: Older television sets contain chemicals that threaten the natural environment, whereas materials wasted in landfills could be recycled or refurbished.

While the upheaval of the landfill ban promises some financial benefits, West Virginians and outsiders alike should consider the environmental risks associated with e-waste dumping. An estimated 48-million tons of electronics and electronics-related materials are thoughtlessly discarded each year. Toxic materials subsequently pollute the soil, water, and air that our climate needs to thrive. This issue is especially close to home for West Virginia, a state with picturesque natural landscapes potentially facing environmental degradation. One should also consider jobs, energy conservation, and other reasons for recycling not often mentioned.

Various local venues are equipped to take in used, broken, and unwanted electronics free of cost. A viable, and hassle-free alternative, exists for nearly any electronic device, with old television sets being the sole outlier. Goodwill operates under a partnership with Dell Computers, wherein potentially anything computer-related can be recycled with ease at the Charleston, West Side location. There is certainly value to be found in recycling old electronics, as their components can be re-used and refurbished. Mobile phones are highly sought after and accepted at almost any cellular or electronics store. Gamers may even look to Best Buy, where they can recycle consoles and accessories. Besides onerous TV sets, there are plenty of free-recycling locations in Kanawha County.

With that said, it is not impossible for the environmentally-conscious to recycle old television sets. The Southridge Best Buy location will accept and recycle sets for an operation fee of $25 (size restrictions apply). Value can be found in anything, and West Virginians are working to conserve natural resources.

For those who need to dispose of a television without recycling, they may choose to take it directly to the landfill location or utilize local
waste hauling services. Residents with access to trash pick-up already have access to this service. They need only place their sets at the curb of their property alongside trash to be picked up. The sets will be sorted and taken to the landfill from there.

Which could be worse – a television set taking up space in storage, or one disposed in a landfill? That is a decision now left to Kanawha County residents. Nevertheless, locals should be aware of the risks that these actions pose, as well as viable alternatives for environmental sustainability.


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