The success of KCSWA’s mission and programs rely on the support of the residents of Kanawha County. One tangible way to show your support is to volunteer for one of the many events the authority plans or attends. Typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • Education/Awareness Events
  • Clean-up Events
  • Helping run public event recycling

Check the event calendar to see where the KCSWA will be next. Any amount of time will help make Kanawha County a more sustainable place to live and increase residents' awareness of recycling.

Recycling Ambassador Program

Are you an advocate for recycling living in Kanawha County? Are you interested in helping your neighbors gain a better understanding of recycling and sustainable waste reduction? The Recycling Ambassador Program may be for you!

Recycling Ambassadors are resident volunteers who wish to improve knowledge of local recycling methods and sustainable waste reduction techniques such as donating and upcycling in their communities.

Visit our Recycling Ambassador Resource Center for more information on becoming an Ambassador, outreach ideas and about the program. Read on for an overview. 

About the Program

Volunteer Recycling Ambassadors are part of a comprehensive recycling program created to increase the number of residents who recycle and divert those recyclable materials from going into the landfill. Ambassadors help tackle low recycling rates in their communities by becoming a representative for recycling education.

Benefit to Volunteers

  • Become an expert in recycling and waste reduction
  • Facilitate a stronger sense of community
  • Directly improve recycling rates and help the environment
  • Create a more sustainable future for Kanawha County

As a volunteer, you will:

  • Receive information and training on recycling and other sustainable practices
  • Educate residents about your city or town’s recycling program
  • Inform residents about the benefits of recycling
  • Encourage everyone to recycle more!

Participation levels are determined by you. Opportunities include:

  • Distributing information door-to-door in your neighborhood
  • Holding an informal neighborhood information session
  • Becoming the local expert in your neighborhood for recycling-related questions
  • Trying to increase participation in neighborhood recycling and public event recycling in your community

The Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority is the central resource for waste reduction in the county with a focus on the education and awareness of sustainable techniques and initiatives.

Kanawha County
Solid Waste Authority
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