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How to Recycle Electronics for Free in Kanawha County


According to the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans average 24 electronic items for each household. As a nation, we are disposing more than 100,000 computers and 400,000 mobile devices every day.

In 2010, West Virginia joined 16 other states to ban electronics from solid waste landfills. The ban includes TV’s, computers and electronic devices with screens greater than 4 inches. Electronics have continued to become more and more disposable. Recycling these items allows precious metals to be recovered and used in new products, while hazardous materials like mercury, lead and cadmium are disposed of in a proper, environmentally-friendly way.

Beginning August 2014, West Virginia Recycling Services on Slack Street in Charleston will no longer accept electronics for recycling, but there are several options available to you to continue to dispose of your electronics for free.

On our site, we offer the option to search by type (computer, cell phone, TV, etc.) for an area business that will recycle your electronics: click here to visit the search page.

Read on to find out more about your options for different recycling services through retail locations, your local trash pickup, county clean ups and more.

Retail Locations

  • Best Buy

    Materials accepted: Televisions; Computers, Monitors and Computer Accessories; Rechargeable Batteries; Audio Devices; Car Audio, Video & GPS; Cameras and Recorders; Mobile Phones; CDs and DVDs; e-Readers; Gaming Devices and Accessories; Pedometers and Heart Monitors

    Best Buy offers trade-in and recycling programs at their stores (materials listed here are for the recycling program only). They accept up to 3 electronic items per household each day. There are size restrictions on the televisions they will accept. For an older, tube-model television, the screen must measure 32” or less across. For a flat screen television, the screen must measure 60” or less across.

    See a complete list of materials accepted on the Trade-in and Recycling pages on the Best Buy website.

    The Best Buy in Kanawha County is located in the Southridge shopping plaza in Charleston. Call them at (304) 744-7270.
  • Staples

    Materials accepted: Computers, Monitors and Computer Accessories; e-Readers; Printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines; Shredders; Mobile Phones; Audio Devices; Cameras and Recorders; Gaming Devices and Accessories; Rechargeable Batteries

    Staples also offers trade-in and recycling programs at their stores (materials listed here are for the recycling program only). They accept 6 items per customer each day.

    See a complete list of materials accepted on the Recycling and Eco-services page on the Staples website.

    The are two Staples locations in Kanawha County – Southridge shopping plaza in Charleston (304-744-4774) and 800 Nitro Mkt. Place in Cross Lanes (304-769-0200).
  • Recycling Cell Phones, Printer Cartridges and Batteries

    There are multiple commercial businesses across Kanawha County that will recycle cell phones, printer cartridges and batteries at no cost. Follow these links to find a business near you:

    Recycle Cell Phones / Recycle Printer Cartridges / Recycle Batteries

Private and Municipal Waste Removal Services

Materials accepted: Computers and Monitors; Televisions

All businesses and municipalities who offer a refuse pickup service in West Virginia are required by law to pick up televisions, computers and other “bulky” items (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines, tires) at least once per month. Your service provider may choose to pick up more than the required computers and televisions. For other types of electronics, call in advance to ask.

Service providers limit the amount of items that you may dispose of each month and request a call in advance to schedule pickup service.

If you contact your service provider regarding picking up a television, computer or other "bulky" item, and they tell you they do not pick up that item, they are in violation of the Public Service Commission's Bulky Goods Rule. Service providers are mandated by the State of West Virginia to collect these items. Please call the Public Service Commission (800-247-8789) to file a complaint if you experience this situation.

Local Refuse and Recycling Departments
  • Charleston: (304) 348-6832
  • South Charleston: (304) 744-5532
  • St. Albans: (304) 722-4259
  • Dunbar: (304) 766-0213
  • Chesapeake: (304) 949-2584
  • Belle: (304) 949-3841
  • Cedar Grove: (304) 595-1841
  • Glasgow: (304) 595-1015
  • Nitro: (304) 755-0704
  • Marmet: (304) 949-2241

Charleston Landfill

Materials accepted: All electronics

The landfill located at 741 S. Park Road in Charleston accepts 1 – 2 electronic items from each resident. It is illegal in the state of West Virginia to put electronics in a landfill, but all landfill operators are asked to store electronics and transport them to be recycled. Residents must visit the landfill to drop off their items. If you have questions, you may reach the landfill at (304) 925-1192. See a map of the landfill location.

County Clean Ups

Materials accepted: All electronics

If you have a large number of electronic items or have specialty items that you aren’t able to dispose of through a local business, consider taking them to a Kanawha County Clean Up event. A series of clean ups are held each spring and fall.

All County Clean Ups are held from 8:00am - 4:00pm. Scheduled upcoming events include:
  • September 13 – Sissonville (Call road by new Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department)
  • September 27 – Cabin Creek (Behind the Chelyan Go-Mart)
  • October 11 – South Charleston (new location - intersection of 4th Avenue and C Street)
Call the Kanawha County Planning and Development Office at (304) 357-0570 with questions.

Donation Organizations

Materials accepted: Computers and Monitors; Printers, Scanners; Copiers and Fax Machines; Hardrives; Keyboards; Mice Speakers; Cords and Cables; Ink and Toner Cartridges; and Software.

Local Goodwill stores will accept used electronics that are working condition for resale. They will also accept non-working items that will be recycled via the Dell Reconnect program. Consider donating your items for a good cause. Search for a Goodwill near you using the Store Locator page on their site.

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